MDS Analyzer

Since the MDS is the data nucleus of our industry, it is imperative that it is accurate, consistent with industry practices and a driver for proactive resident care. With complete customization and email alerts, the MDS Analyzer provides a comprehensive audit of an MDS.

Your Patients Count

By monitoring and investigating your rehospitalization rates, you can reduce associated costs and potential negative physical, emotional and psychological impacts on residents. Rehospitalizations offers unadjusted and risk-adjusted rates and the ability to analyze real-time event data.

Focused MDS Survey

CMS has begun conducting the Focused MDS Survey which requires access to medical records, including MDS 3.0 assessments and associated information to support the MDS coding. Our Focused MDS Survey saves you hours of work preparing for surveys and compiling data for CMS.

Unify All Your Data

With the industry-first KPI Dashboard, you have one place to easily access all your key performance indicator data, when and where you need it. Have the power to see the big picture by combining data from point of care, customer and employee satisfaction surveys, clinical, operational and more.