Automated Reimbursement Calculator

Reimbursement Tracking Evolved

The Automated Reimbursement Calculator (ARC) brings you a powerful PDPM calculator that empowers you with highly accurate reimbursement projections—mining the MDS to provide an alternative to manual input with centralized assessments and proactive alerts. The challenge of being ahead of reimbursement is vital. With additional changes to the reimbursement structure, predicting your reimbursement potential under PDPM is easy with the Automated Reimbursement Calculator.


Reimbursement Projections


Revenue calculation without manual input


Save time, improve projection accuracy

ARC Features

A Powerful PDPM calculator that empowers you with highly accurate reimbursement projections.

Increased Projection Accuracy

Predict which rates will be used on which days and find incorrect projections.

Centralized Information

See all reimbursement information easily on the ARC calendar and reports.

ARD Reference Window Alerts

Get a visual representation of all timeframes with notifications and alerts.

Automated Projections

ARC uses historical data to project reimbursement codes into the future.

Incorrect Projection Alerts

Increase accuracy and make appropriate changes with real-time alerts.

Pre-Filled Assessments

Save time and ensure you're getting the appropriate reimbursement.

PDPM Compliance

Fully compliant with PDPM standards with crosswalk and notifications.

Electronic Review Process

A process for the appropriate memebers to be notified of and review projections.

Rate Trending

Historical trend of general and clinical rates including YTD totals and averages.

Proactive Resident Management

Being ahead of the numbers is only possible with the IntelliLogix™ Automated Reimbursement Calculator. Empowering your anticipated reimbursement through proactive resident management gives you the insight you need to recognize future challenges.