Pat Newberry

The MDS Scrubber is the foundation of our services. With an understanding of its depth and usefulness, you can more easily interpret and benefit from our Scrubber and many other reports.

- Pat Newberry
Vice President – Clinical Services

MDS Scrubber Features

Comprehensive Audit

Over 15,000 checks ensure accuracy and successful submission to CMS.

Seamless EMR Integration

Click a single button from within your EMR to access the scrubber instantly.

Reduce CMS Rejection Rate

Find and correct all alerts and warnings to save time submitting your MDS

IntelliLogix™ ICD-10 Advisor Integration

Easily cross-reference and find appropriate billable ICD-10 codes.

PDPM Optimization

Considers all aspects of PDPM and shows you relevant PDPM related alerts.

QM, QRP, Five Star Alerts

The comprehensive scrubber provides alerts for all affected areas.

1-Click MDS RAI Guidance

Directly links to the complete RAI manual for easy reference.

Customizable Alerts / Triggers

Get immediate notifications of special events and important changes.

Optimize Your MDS

Optimize Your MDS

The MDS Scrubber provides a comprehensive analysis of the MDS, includes crucial PDPM integration, and provides a better way to optimize reimbursement with the power to proactively find logical inconsistencies and fatal errors prior to submission. The MDS Scrubber pulls all MDS submissions and performs thousands of checks, instantly presenting an organized and comprehensive analysis. Alerts can automatically be generated and submitted to the correct personnel within your facility to accelerate compliance.

Everything You Need

IntelliLogix™ MDS Scrubber is a powerful tool that gives you everything you need to optimize your MDS prior to submission with a plethora of integrated tools that ensure accuracy, maintain trending and empower you with the insight you need to make successful decisions. Make the best clinical decisions with the ICD-10 Navigator Tool™ integration, PDPM optimization and customizable alerts.