MDS Analyzer

As a long-term care (LTC) provider your focus should be on the quality of life of your residents - not on data analysis and billing. At Team TSI, our MDS Analyzer makes sure that your MDS has an optimized RUG score, has impeccable clinical integrity and has been reviewed for logical inconsistencies and fatal errors. Our MDS Analyzer provides a comprehensive analysis of an MDS - after the MDS coordinator completes it but before it is submitted to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Our MDS analytical tools can optimize your billings by making sure each patient in your care has been placed in the RUG group appropriate to their condition.

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Eliminate Errors

Submit a complete and error free MDS by identifying and correcting fatal errors and logical inconsistencies without the daunting task of checking every line of data. Our MDS analysis tools will help you quickly identify and correct erroneous and missing data.

Clinical Integrity

Tackle problem areas before they become serious by identifying trends and risks that change over time with the MDS Analyzer. Quality care is essential, and you can serve your residents effectively while improving your profitability with Team TSI's MDS Scrubber.

Optimize RUG Scores

Take advantage of our RUGs IV Optimization, and optimize your RUG to identify key changes that might qualify the RUG for a higher score. The MDS Analyzer gives you a quick and easy way to ensure optimal MDS Medicare reimbursement for the level of care received.

Complete Customization

With customization, a key component of our product development cycle, you can have confidence that your MDS analysis tools are working for you in the best way possible. When your organization grows, the MDS scrubber tools will grow with you, providing custom “edit checks” and alert messages for potential errors, trends and serious situations.

Email Alerts

Stay in the loop and well informed with custom email alerts from our MDS Analyzer. When specific conditions are met, the need-to-know information can be disseminated quickly and efficiently. Your staff time will also be reduced, and you can ensure your staff is compensated for the work they put in, improving employee retention and productivity.

RAI Manual Integration

Eliminate the frustration of checking for RAI references. With information you need, like built in definitions and explanations of exactly how each field should be coded, coding errors will quickly become a thing of the past. Contact Team TSI today for more information about how our MDS reporting software can benefit your long-term care facility.

MDS Clinical Reporting

As a healthcare professional working in a long-term care (LTC) facility, we know you rely on accurate data collection to help manage risks and liabilities in your facility. By implementing healthcare risk management software, you can monitor and analyze data at all times to identify risk factors affecting your residents. Our continuing care risk management system, IntelliLogix™, offers a multitude of analytical reports on quality measures, ADLs, risk factor analysis and more to help optimize your MDS quality outcomes. Measure risk factors with confidence — the risk scales have been developed by Team TSI’s professional clinical staff and their clinical representatives, guided by the latest published research.

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Multitude of Analytical Reports

Having the right report guarantees that you have the proper analysis of the risk factors that may be affecting your residents. Take a proactive approach to managing risk factors with reports like resident fall risk assessment that help you identify trends and pinpoint weaknesses in your service delivery that may not be noticable from day-to-day.

Drill Down for Detail

Our innovative "click through" navigation feature provides easy access to the relevant information you need right away. And because your residents' risk factors change over time, our healthcare compliance and healthcare risk management software will keep you up-to-date on the latest trends that requre appropriate risk management action.

Customizable Reports

When your software tools fall behind, you fall behind. With easily customizable reports, your analytic tools flex and grow with your organization, contributing to the best analysis and hassle free administration and care. To learn more about the benefits of incorporating healthcare risk management software into your facility, contact Team TSI today!

Customized Reporting

Our objective is to be responsive to our customers and build our products around their needs. That's why custom reports are a key component of our product development cycle. A single request from a customer may result in a custom report that becomes a standard for the portal. We work closely with our customers to produce special reports that will help you run your business with greater effectiveness and efficiency.

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Special Reports

No two companies have the exact same analysis requirements. Customized reports are a key component of our product development cycle, making sure that your analysis tools work for your unique organization. We work closely with our customers to produce customized reports that will help you run your business with greater effectiveness or efficiency.

Responsive to Requests

Our customers find we respond quickly to questions, concerns and requests. We’re big enough to give you what you need, and just the right size so we can work with you personally. Our staff understands your profession. Having over 20 years of experience in long-term care is one reason why our customers stay with us month after month, year after year.

Regulatory Compliance/Five Star

Do you have a QAPI plan for long term care (LTC)? Team TSI’s Quality Management Suite will assist leaders of your LTC organization with the Five Elements of the QAPI program, also known as CMS Five-Star Quality Rating System. Our online application brings together all aspects of your quality program, acting as a CMS QAPI guide—making it efficient, and making it transparent. With nearly 20 years of survey data backing your powerful survey analysis tools, you can rest easy knowing that you are prepared for anything.

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Online Dashboards

With online dashboards, the staff at your skilled nursing facility (SNF) can work remotely and input data as they are making their rounds, reducing the likelihood of important information being missed or forgotten. The web-based dashboards provide the convenience of accessing your data from anywhere inside the SNF or remotely.

Compliance and Survey Process

It is important to stay on top of QAPI and Survey Process requirements. With the right tools for managing nursing home compliant surveys, identifying trends and creating and assigning performance improvement projects, you can monitor and maintain QAPI compliance and anticipate nursing home survey results.

Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Tracking

Have a quantifiable metric for measuring the level of care you provide your residents. With clear service goals that can be implemented and monitored efficiently using analytic software, your facility will reach the peak of performance.


QMS offers a comprehensive QAPI development and implementation plan. For existing systems, the web-based analytic software helps maintain QAPI compliance through systematic approaches, evidence-based practices and root cause analysis.

Team TSI University

As part of our ongoing commitment to better serve our customers’ needs, we have created Team TSI University, a video-based training center. With pre- and post-tests, all the related forms, checklists and compliance resources, and outlines that may be used within your organization for ongoing training and education, Team TSI University is truly a one stop shop for your training needs.

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Video Training Center

The training center is an extension of the care we use in all our products, and reflects our commitment to better serve our clients’ needs. Standing by the software by giving access to training material ensures that you can gain the maximum benefit from your analysis tools.

Pre and Post Tests

Just like you want to measure success in your facility, pre- and post-tests give you a metric for measuring your educational progress. You can confidently continue to the next course knowing that you have built a solid foundation for the advanced stuff.

Related Resources

Throughout the courses, you will have access to all related forms, checklists and compliance resources. Learn the forms and what to do with them throughout the innovative self-paced lesson plan. The slideshow outlines may also be used for ongoing training and education.

Focused MDS Survey

CMS has begun conducting the Focused MDS Survey, a special survey designed to determine Minimum Data Set coding accuracy and nursing home staffing levels. Surveyors require access to the resident’s medical records, including MDS 3.0 assessments and associated information to support the MDS coding. Our new Focused MDS Survey feature saves you hours of work compiling data for CMS, alerts you to at-risk areas, provides ongoing awareness of at-risk tags, and gives you access to an easy to use Focused MDS Survey Resource Guide which includes sample policies/procedures, regulations, investigative protocols and more.

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Data with the Click of a Button

With our Focused MDS Survey feature, you can save hours of work by quickly generating much of the required data at the click of a button. Generate MDS Worksheet #1 Data instantly. You can feel secure knowing that you are constantly prepared and have a plan of action in the event of a survey.

Ongoing Survey Preparation

Success depends on preparation, and Team TSI’s Focused MDS Survey helps you prepare by actively alerting you to potential at-risk tags and provides ongoing survey preparation data analysis. Have confidence with MDS coding, knowing that your tools are continuously checking for accuracy and compliance..

Comprehensive Resource Guide

Have the power to prepare for and successfully complete Focused MDS Surveys with the information in Team TSI’s Focused MDS Survey Resource Guide. With sample policies and procedures, regulations, investigative protocols and more, your staff can more capably provide the best quality of care.