Customizable Dashboard

Team TSI is more than MDS or survey data. Our customizable dashboard centralizes your data into a single dashboard by taking data from multiple sources-MDS, survey, five star, census, staffing, satisfaction survey, EMR and many others. Each dashboard is customized to fit each client's needs, giving you the information you need, conveniently in one place.

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Dashboard Data Mining

Data mining is the process of selecting, exploring and modeling large amounts of data to uncover previously unknown patterns with speed and scale. The dashboard allows you to uncover patterns and relationships in data that can assist in determining historical trends, predict future outcomes, and fine tune current corporate, regional or facility level operations.

Organizational Impact

The dashboard is tailored to fit your needs. Easily gain insight into multi-facility data trends and patterns, residents at risk for being rehospitalized or falling, a drop in your Five Star Ratings, or poor financial performance. Most importantly, this powerful and easy-to-use tool gives you the ability to view all your data in a single dashboard with the click of a button.

Online Accessability

IntelliLogix is accessible using desktop computers and tablets, anywhere with internet access. Since it can remotely access our historical database, the dashboard doesn't just analyze your internal data, but compares your data with anonymous trend information from thousands of facilities. This gives you the most complete picture possible to eneable informed decisions.

IntelliLogix Mobile Data Analytics

Our focus is on data! Your Data, Your Way. With the new IntelliLogixTM Mobile Data Analytics App, you will have easy access to essential data from the convenience of your mobile device. Fast access to all your vital data helps you make decisions, understand your areas of concern and learn how you compare to peers—all at your fingertips—24/7.

We build our products around your needs. Thats why we’ve built IntelliLogixTM Mobile Data Analytics—to put quality tools in your pocket, such as Five Star Rating, Quality Measures, MDS, Rehospitalization, Newswire, Focused MDS Survey and more. You’ll have easy access to essential information, when and where you need it.

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Keeping up with the ever-changing information, regulations, compliance issues and critical long-term care news is vital to being proactive. Our mobile Newswire allows you to view AHCA's Provider and McKnight's top news stories 24/7.


This is the hottest topic in long-term care today. IntelliLogix Mobile Data Analytics allows you to view near real-time un-adjusted and risk adjusted rehospitalization rates, Trend Tracker, and peer comparison information.

Five Star Rating

Our mobile Five Star Rating tool gives you easy access to your current and historical ratings at the corporate, divisional, regional and facility level and also includes a comparison to your peers.

Focused MDS Surveys

Adding to your busy schedule, the Focused MDS Survey requires hours of time-consuming data collection. IntelliLogix Mobile Data Analytics provides ongoing awareness of your survey risks at a glance.

MDS Scrubber

Our MDS Scrubber is the most comprehensive MDS audit tool in long-term care. IntelliLogix Mobile Data Analytics shows you high-level statistics and completed impact changes on the go.

Quality Measures

Quality Measures are vital to knowing where to focus your attention. IntelliLogix Mobile Data Analytics allows you to view each QM, the numerator, denominator and your percentages. It also includes peer comparison information.