Survey Manager Features

Know how to identify the best solutions.

Monitor Compliance and Quality

Don't be caught flat-footed and always know where you stand.

Identify Risks and Opportunities

Identify and address opportunities for survey improvement.

Guides you Through the Survey Process

Quickly access all paperwork and documents required for a survey.

Data-Driven Objective Survey Methodology

Know what surveyors know and be ready with the right data.

Better Surveys

Better Surveys

IntelliLogix™ Survey Manager uses data collection, standardized surveys, resident interviews and observation to identify and address opportunities for quality measures improvement. It guides you through the process to achieve better surveys and year-round compliance and quality.

Survey Guidance

Providing easy access to information you need, our innovative "click through" navigation feature allows you to see relevant information right away. By providing information when you need it, you can focus on the solutions instead of the tools.