You want to be ready when your survey window opens.

To avoid the time, stress and headaches associated with the copious amounts of information needed, preparation of staff is essential. Keeping your team from going blank on regular questions they know the answer to comes from training. With the ever-changing requirements, the unannounced moment of arrival along with the immediate daily resident care needs, facilities can find themselves in a pinch. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Team TSI’s IntelliLogix™ has added a new resource that could best be akin to your own survey crystal ball: the MDS Indicator Facility Rate Report. This incredibly powerful tool pinpoints residents that surveyors are likely to favor during the offsite prep. Within the report, you can find the residents with the highest likelihood of being chosen once the surveyors arrive onsite. Both valuable information in your mock surveys.

The Power Of Data

Augmented by the addition of specifying critical MDS indicator care areas that may be at risk for additional focus by surveyors.


  • Conduct mock surveys in advance to prepare your entire team, residents, and family, so everyone is informed and ready
  • Focus on MDS coding inconsistency related to areas of past non-compliance to be ready to address surveyors’ concerns proactively
  • Know the path proactively that surveyors may take during the actual onsite survey process, so you inform the right people


  • Determine the number of residents with potential care area concern, both in total number and percentage within each indicator, in your facility
  • Determine what tags are most at risk with a crosswalk to all related tags


  • CMS will not provide you the information on residents, areas of focus or the most likely paths they plan to take
  • The surveyors will not discuss this information with you during the survey so having the information match, your survey means you know
  • Be prepared with insight that will give your facility the edge because you prepared proactively.

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How you handle your data is critial.

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