The Importance of Training

Everyone at Team TSI is vested in your success. This month, we wanted to focus on one of the areas we know has the most impact on your success: training. To do that, we sat down with our Vice President of Strategic Relations, Dahlia Kroth, to speak about the importance of training. We wanted to have Dahlia, with her decade of experience at Team TSI to tell us what the biggest hurdles to training are.

I have had Team TSI / IntelliLogix for years, why would I need training?

Because everything in the industry is continually changing, with the incredible changes to the Long-Term Care industry, through CMS, changing resident needs, and the practicality of facility operations, IntelliLogix™ has undergone extensive enhancements to maintain our leadership in the market. With all those changes, it is vital to have refresher trainings.

Refresh trainings make sure you keep up with the incredible changes to the Long-Term Care industry.

This will keep you and your team up to speed on the power of IntelliLogix™. While it is something you should have yearly, we see the highest benefit with quarterly refresher training. Also, it is essential to take time to examine the areas of IntelliLogix that you are not using to see the benefits that you have available. Look for training in areas that you do not frequently use to find out what you may be missing that can significantly impact your quality of care.

What is the benefit of training from Team TSI?

Online Training

You can’t know everything possible about the data you are collecting by providing resident care. That data offers extensive information that positively affects the high quality of care you provide for your residents. With Team TSI training, you learn where your data is coming from, how to use it most efficiently, along with knowing what information is most important. We wrote the book on data analysis, knowing how to turn the high quantity of data into a set of real, proactive actions. You can only make the most of that information by knowing how to use it best.

How often should I and/or my team get Team TSI Training?

Simply put, the more you want to know about how your data affects your quality of care, the more you want to look at sharpening your skills through training. The need changes depending on your level with your organization. A good rule of thumb for training is, the higher you are, the more you need to know. Since IntelliLogix is highly intuitive, giving you access to clinical, financial, and administrative information in a format that makes a large amount of data actionable to you, the best training is quarterly and whenever changes come to the industry. This will empower you with the knowledge of new enhancements, effects of industry changes along with latest additions that can have an immediate impact on your quality of care.

How can I get training on IntelliLogix?

Online Training There are several ways to get you and your team trained with Team TSI. Our portal is the best place to find the latest updated training schedule. Every training is laid out after extensive prep to ensure you have the best, most updated training. In addition to the portal, you can find our training through our monthly email containing the extensive list of available trainings built around your busy schedule. And, because we are continually looking to find the best way to give you access to the array of training options, we offer a Weekly Training Email laying out just the upcoming training. Sign up to receive the weekly training email here. This allows you to know how to find availability within the rough and tumble day.

I only scrub, why should I get training?

With every client, Team TSI wants to give you the most from IntelliLogix™. If you are only scrubbing, then you are missing some of the incredible benefits that compliment scrubbing. Beyond just the accuracy of your MDS, IntelliLogix empowers you and your team with extensive analytical insight through the system’s reporting capabilities. Since you are already scrubbing, the information processing into all the reporting your organization could use today will improve the quality of care. That insight powerfully impacts performance.

The knowledge you gain empowers you to provide the highest quality care.

Knowledge is power. Learning all that IntelliLogix can do for you gives you the information you need to find problems proactively, build best practices along with optimizing reimbursement and compliance. The knowledge you gain will strongly influence your career, empowering your whole team with the best information for the highest quality of care.

I only use the system to get reports, what benefits would I get from training?

In your busy workday, you can easily get into the habit of using just what you need from IntelliLogix™. We understand that you have other responsibilities because healthcare requires us to wear many hats within a facility. Knowing that, we have worked hard to provide training that will extend your knowledge of the system that will help you work smarter using insight designed to save you time. With the full benefits of the analytics of IntelliLogix, you get more from the extensive analysis available. Spending time in training will empower you to be better at providing the high quality of care your residents deserve.

Jeri Lynn Berg

Dahlia is Vice President of Strategic Relations at Team TSI. She is passionate about training and always goes the extra mile to make sure they are well taken care of and have everything you need to make the most of IntelliLogix™.

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