Steve Spears

Our Rehospitalization Reports are great for monitoring rates, investigating all contributing factors and even comparing yourself to national trends.

- Steve Spears
Senior Account Manager

Rehospitalization Features

An invaluable tool to assess rehospitalizations.

Monitor Your Rates

Proactively know your residents adjusted and unadjusted rates.

Investigate all Factors

Identify and address opportunities for rehospitalization improvement.

Analyze Trends Over Time

How is rehospitalization affecting your facility so you can mitigate it.

National Comparison

Compare your rates to the rates of facilities across the country.

Drill-Down to Details

See in detail the impact on all aspects of your resident care.

Rehospitalization Actionable Focus

Actionable Focus

IntelliLogix™ Rehospitalization brings the insight of your residents’ post-acute hospitalization into actionable focus with tools that analyze trends, point out the highest risks and lay out the impact on all aspects of your resident care.

Address Rehospitalization Challenges

IntelliLogix Rehospitalization empowers you with proactive acumen needed to address rehospitalization challenges to maintain stars while improving the quality of care your facility offer.