Greg Seiple

Survey Outcome is a powerful tool that allows you to proactively prepare for your survey and know your at-risk residents and tags before surveyors even enter the building. With the addition of cross-referencing and even star rating prospectives, these tools are outstanding and essential in preparing for your survey!

- Greg Seiple
VP Informatics

Survey Outcome Features

Determine Residents

Know the residents surveyors will select and plan accordingly.

Focus on Coding

Reveal certain coding practices that have negative impact.

Identify MDS Indicators

Be aware of your measures and indicators of quality of care.

Full Indicator Crosswalk

The resources you need to cross-reference measures.

Star Rating Measures

Use prospective reports to predict and calculate star ratings.

Proactive Survey Insight

Proactive Survey Insight

Using powerful inside information, you can find high-risk areas that may be targeted and residents most likely to be selected. With Survey Prep through IntelliLogix™, you have the proactive insight to find the residents that present the highest potential risk for surveyor investigation and the corrective tools needed to address trending issues and diagnoses that lead to higher resident risk.

Survey is Coming - Are You Ready?

MDS Indicators with a full crosswalk and Star Measure ratings give you a well-rounded picture of potential pitfalls. It is essential that you are proactive and prepared with the information you need. With Survey Outcome, you'll have the tools needed to address trending issues and diagnoses that lead to higher risk for residents.