Insight Dashboard

The Health of Your Organization

Intellilogix™ Insight Dashboard provides a centralized, analytical solution that tracks, analyzes and displays intervention metrics and key data points. Monitor the health of your entire organization in an easily digestible, interactive solution.

Data Mining

Uncover patterns and relationships


Tailored to fit the needs of your organization


Remotely access historical database

Insight Dashboard Features

Know how to identify the best solutions.

Centralize any 3rd Party Data

Data from all sources, arranged and presented to work best for you.

Root-Cause Analysis

Drill down to details from anywhere, to anywhere that makes logical sense.

User-Defined Smart Filters

It's your dashboard, filter it intelligently with unlimited creativity.

Role-Based Dashboards

Based on your role, personalized analytics you need to do your job.

Alerts and Notifications

Real-Time notifications with custom triggers ensures you don't miss a thing.

External API Data Sharing

When we say "all sources" we mean it. Utilize data from all sources. Period.

Discover Patterns and Trends

The same trending tools used in our existing reports can be used in Insight.

Exportable Analytics

It's your data, use it how you need it by saving to common file formats.

The Power of Insight

Insight is tailored to fit your needs. Easily gain insight into multi-facility data trends and patterns, residents at risk for being rehospitalized or falling, a drop in your Five Star Ratings, or poor financial performance. Most importantly, this powerful and easy-to-use tool gives you the ability to view all your data in a single dashboard with the click of a button.