Payroll-Based Journal Insight

PBJ Insight

Our PBJ Insight tools help reduce guesswork by analyzing multiple aspects of PBJ data — missing components, anomalies, past patterns, trends, along with PBJ standard audit components. PBJ integrates with our Five Star Rating Perspective Tool which gives you insights into managing staffing and the impact to the Five Star Rating.


Patterns, trends and anomalies


Reporting, analytics, trend and compare


Insights into staffing and overall ratings

PBJ Insight Features

Insights into managing staffing and the impact to the Five Star rating.

Pre- and Post-Submission PBJ Scrubber

Scrub before submission, scrub after submission.

Reporting, Analytics, Trending and Comparisons

A full suite of reports to give you the right insight of your data.

Five Star Impact Analysis

See right away what impact your PBJ data has on Five Star.

Data Anomalies and Irregular Patterns

If something looks fishy, find out and fix it with PBJ Insight.

The Power of PBJ Insight

With Team TSI PBJ Insight Tools, you are able to better understand the impact your PBJ has on all aspects of your operation along with the ability to determine the root cause.