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Team TSI is a leader in data analytics for skilled nursing organizations that drives daily clinical and operational decisions. Our solutions bring real-time data and reports to coordinate quality care, improve resident outcomes, and optimize reimbursement. Since 1991, Team TSI has helped organizations nationwide raise the bar for healthcare performance.

Strategic Healthcare Programs (SHP), our parent company is customer-driven and passionate about objective data that helps organizations improve quality of care.

IntelliLogix™, the analytical foundation of our solutions, provides data intelligence that makes logical sense. We are committed to forward thinking products that are Data Focused, Customer Driven.

Industry Leader in Innovation


An Industry Leader since 1991

We are passionate about staying at the forefront of technology with data analytics that ensure our clients have the information they need—how and when they need it. At the same time, everyone at Team TSI is committed to our customers—to ensuring that our solution not only works, but effectively grows with them. In the coming years, the long-term care profession will become increasingly reliant on deriving meaningful intelligence from your data. Team TSI will be there with you.

Jeri Lynn Berg

My goal is to make sure Team TSI is the best fit for your organization. Everyone can benefit from a data analytics system. I'm here to help you and your organization improve clinical, financial and operational outcomes. Request a Demo and let's explore the many solutions available with IntelliLogix™.

- Jeri Lynn Berg
Vice President – National Accounts

Our Team

Empowered Experts

At the center of Team TSI is our culture where we encourage our team to focus on a client-driven approach. That has led to the 95/5 rule which has been in place since Team TSI began. We place 95% of our focus on the clients we have and 5% on prospective clients.This gives us the perspective of doing what the client needs first ensuring our clients are highly successful. We continue that approach today because it works. It is our privilege to be trusted by our clients that want to improve healthcare with innovative, patient-first approaches that make it all worthwhile. Learn more about our key leaders.

Empowered Experts
In-House Development Team


Pursuing Technical Excellence

Our development team coordinates closely with our subject matter experts and clinical specialists to respond quickly to client comments and requests and bolster development to create an unparalleled service. At the end of the day, the development team truly understands what our clients need to be able to make the right decisions.


World-Class Support

We focus our efforts on providing live analyst support all day, every day. By communicating directly with each of our customers, we are able to provide tailored analysis that meets your specific needs. In listening to our customers through our Account Managers, we can immediately determine how to provide the best solutions for your organization. Our dedication is to your success because we value the work you do for the precious people you work to heal. Learn more about our support.

World-Class Support

Frequently Asked Questions

More details about our solutions and what to expect from Team TSI.

After your demo request is submitted you'll receive an email from us to coordinate a convenient time to call to discuss your organization and the major goals that you have for a data analytics service.

Next, we'll host an online meeting at the agreed upon time to show you our solutions, what could give you the most benefit right away, and also discuss our company and our excellent support.

Our support staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you call, you'll be connected to a real person who can help you right away. If you contact us using the convenient form or by email, we will message you within 30 minutes and begin working through your case immediately. We also have subject matter experts and developers on-site who can help with any questions or requests.

Onboarding can be accomplished in as little as 10 days. Once your purchase agreement has been signed, your personal onboarding specialist will contact you for an initial call to go over the process and help you collect the information you need.

We'll need to coordinate with your EMR to make sure we have access to your MDS data. We'll also need to gather information on your organization and coordinate the transfer of historical data so we can deliver actionable analysis right away.

We'll then get you up and running in IntelliLogix™. You'll be assigned an Account Manager who you can contact directly for anything else you need. Lastly, and most importantly, we'll schedule training sessions so that everyone can maximize the benefit you'll get from our solutions.

It's no secret, this industry changes constantly. In order to stay ahead of industry changes, we've got a team of clinical and analytical experts who have their fingers on the pulse of the industry. Our development team and user interface experts work closely together so we can quickly create new reports to tackle the latest LTPAC challenges.

Our IntelliLogix™ Advisory Board (IAB) is a special committee of end user clients that meet quarterly to review and give feedback, guidance and recommendations on the latest analytical insight and overall business intelligence of IntelliLogix™. Maybe you could help build the next version!

We are interested in your questions and comments. Need more details on a specific topic? Want to know big industry changes we're ready for? Use the Submit Your Question form on the left to ask anything you want.

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